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The town where Doug Funnie lives, with his blue friend Skeeter Valentine, his yellow friend Patty Mayonnaise, and this green dumbass Roger Klotz.
Mayor: "Stash your trash! Beautify Bluffington!"
Doug: "Honkerburger plz"
by Mr. Dink April 19, 2008
A drink (most often 32 oz.) popularized at the gas station/convenience store franchise, Quik Trip. The drink is 2/3 orange cream slushie and 1/3 Dr. Peppper. The actual ratio varies. A hoss Bluffington is the drink of the 44 oz. size or the 52 oz. size. The Bluffington was first made on a fateful night by the Sheriff; the name was developed by a russian madman, the Czar. It is enjoyed by all.
You wanna go get some Bluffingtons?
by Murrell October 08, 2005
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