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A negative, unjust name given to anyone who resides in Flour Bluff, a suburb on the outskirts of the coastal city of Corpus Christi, Texas. Even though “bluff rats” are made fun of, the school has many accomplishments such as, a 10-time National Champion and 5-Time Grand National Champion ROTC team, a football team who has gone to playoffs each of the last 4 years, a marching band that qualified for the UIL Area G Finals Marching Contest in 2007, and a strong Tennis, Volleyball, and basketball program. The population at Flour Bluff High School has in the past two years grown significantly in size due to the out-of-district students who pay tuition to go there. Flour Bluff High School’s state standardized test results (TAKS), as reported from, a national education database, have in the past been higher than Corpus Christi schools Moody, Carrol, King, Miller, and Ray High School; schools that aren’t part of the “ghetto suburbs” of Corpus Christi…
Rats? I think not.
"Those 'ghetto bluff rats' and their Nationally ranked ROTC team and playoff contender football team. Psh, who cares about that stuff?"
by LMC08 November 25, 2007
BLUFF- a little town just out side of Corpus Christi right before the beautiful North Padre Island.

RAT- a person that walks around the bluff barefoot, smokes crack & cigarettes (but never has any money), has missing teeth and never has a steady job.

The name "bluff rat" is not just for ANYONE who resides in Flour Bluff. It is mainly for the crack heads who live there. Which is about 97% of it's population. They are the people that walk around barefoot and have HEB feet all of the time. The ones with missing teeth. The people that always look like they need a hairbrush. They keep a job just long enough for 1 paycheck so they can use it all on drugs and smokes. Don't let me forget to mention that they usually have a foul odor.

Now, some people get mistaken for bluff rats. These are the kids that go to school in The Bluff that attened house parties all of the time. Do all kinds of drugs all of the time. Have foul mouths. Steal their parents liquor and cigarettes. These are not bluff rats just yet. I like to call them "wanna be bluff rats".

Yes the school system is wonderful. Yes the sidewalks have weed growing through the cracks. Yes it does have a stench lingering around the small town. Yes there are way more "bluff rats" than "normal" people but like most of the residence in The Bluff.....I call it HOME.
"Slow down man don't hit that bluff rat!" "Give that bluff rat some change." "I'm not a bluff rat i just live there." "you might be turning into a bluff rat but you'll always be my friend."

that last one was for all of my bluff rat friends. you know who you are! xoxo
a person residing in Flour Bluff, a lower-class town that became "ghetto suburbs" of the southern coast of Corpus Christi, Texas. Banked by Corpus Christi Bay, Oso Bay, and the Laguna Madre, Flour Bluff is a Navy town, with its own school district separate from that of greater Corpus Christi. it's a smelly place with a Wal-mart and weed growing in the sidewalk cracks.
"damn, she's ugly, she must be a bluff rat!" or "i got this dope from a bluffrat who grows his own."
by bob the unbuilder April 02, 2007
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