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is a old slang term for business women i.e. secretaries, journalists, creative thinkers. started in europe around 1400
a group of blue stockings gathered together with all persons, in mentaly stimulating conversation.
by yo mimi moma February 05, 2010
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Nerdy girl who doesn't bother with fashion or hair styling and make up, sometimes to the point of childish lack of dress sense.

Originates in the 18th century where the 'blue' wool stockings were casual, laid back options as opposed to expensive silk ones in ever-changing fashions. The 'blue stockings' were scholarly women who were too busy engaged in improving their minds to worry about constantly updating their wardrobes.

Like 'nerd' and 'boffin' this term is a social stereotype for what is actually a trait of Asperger's Syndrome/autism: the lack of awareness of social cues and trends such as fashion, the desire for comfortable dress and just finding studying more interesting than expensive dress.
Lol look at that girl who only wears jeans and geek tees or shirts, doesn't do her hair or nails or make up or know designer fashions, what a blue stocking.

A woman doesn't become a blue stocking until there's no chance of men being interested in her legs...
by Mozzie89 December 20, 2010

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