A sexual move, were one takes a sip of a blue slushy and spits it out into his or her partners vagina and/or butthole, providing an excelent cool sensation.
Cameron: Dude, I just gave Blair a blue john, she came instantly
Max: Yeah, that's typically a crowd pleaser. I bet her vagina was all blue after words.
by J.T. Falls September 08, 2011
Top Definition
Derogatory term for skim milk. The lack of fat in the milk makes it appear watery and blue-tinged in color.
My doctor recently put me on a diet that includes reducing my dairy intake. I've been drinking whole milk all my life and can't stand the taste of that disgusting, watery blue john.
by D Mitchell May 29, 2007
Titty milk The thin, watery but TASTY milk squeezed or sucked out of the tit / boob / breast of a lactating woman.
Babe, scoot on over here and give me a bite of that sweet Blue John
by lawdad August 05, 2010
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