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Farting into someone's mouth while recieving a rim job. just like the propane company
I totally gave Jamie a blue rhino last night!
by El Steve November 16, 2007
murdering yourself and possibly others by inhaling propane and then smoking a cigarette
Let's Blue Rhino ourselves tonight in my carport under some tarps!
by Clive Carler June 06, 2011
The act of mounting and riding a corpse's stiff penis. This can be preformed by men or women. The name comes from the penis being blue and hard like a horn.
"that chick is up for anything, I even heard she did a Blue Rhino once"
by Jewstru May 09, 2010
when one waits until he becomes blue-balled, then runs full-speed at his partner, who is already bent over, and busts into his ass immediately upon penetration.
get ready, here comes the blue rhino!
by the big purple hippo July 19, 2009
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