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Nugget made out of blubber

Originated in Alaska

Featured in Fairly Oddparents
Mary moved to Alaska to eat a Blubber Nugget
by Mary Kelly June 14, 2008
A nugget made out of blubber.

Originated in Alaska.

Featured in fairly oddparents.
Mary moved to Alaska to eat a blubber nugget.
by Mary Kelly June 14, 2008
Taking a pound of blubber and frying it.
Would you like me to bring Blubber Nuggets to the Christmas Party?

Blubber Nuggets are so good!
by Juqswedrftjf December 24, 2011
A nugget, or chunk, made of blubber. For example, whale blubber, or baby fat xD
Yo that restaurant has some tasty ass blubbernuggets!
by jujilaughsatyu October 01, 2011
a chewy snack made of whale blubber. from the fairly odd parents. woohoo that show rocks!!!
"blubber nuggets...mmm...they're chewy!"
by Lydia July 20, 2004
1. The name for Hitomi and Zazu
2.A bulbous sack filled with anal-like fluid. It tends to jiggle when it is poked and explodes on occation.
3.When a Hitomi and a Zazu come in contact, a large analistic sound is heard as well as I got you babe by sonny and cher. Anyways, its the reunition of these to psychos.
4.A fat fuck.
1.NUGS!!! We are SHhhhyrus, and Blubbernuggetshh Shzemchishh!
2. Aww shit aww shit the stick is on fire! and my blubbernugget popped!!
3. My mother died from the blubbernugget.
4.Holy shit man look at the blubbernugget. It cant even walk, its in a wheelchair!
by iNsaNeucHiha February 25, 2005
A fat black, dark, or colored person
Damn that blubber nugget eats to day he's going to blow up
by Jonathan and Ricky October 30, 2008
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