Blrr is the Acronyms and Abbreviations of the label psychedelic and experimental music "Beta-lactam Ring Records."
Blrr - Beta lactam Ring Records
by Dickinhole September 04, 2012
Top Definition
Blrr - excuse for a word, that some lousy people use when they just want to spam. Usually used as the subject for the threads/email.

If u see something with this subject, u can ignore it, it's just senseless spam
Subject - blrr
by Against_Spam December 15, 2004
sofa's WORD!... just something he uses as a topic in forums and other places, also can be translated to Big Lesbian Rectum Revivers or Badass Lurker's Raging Rifle ;)

Subject: Blrr

Body: this is spam...
by sofa November 29, 2004
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