really irks me, makes me upset, pisses me off.
Dude, that really blows my skirt up when she does stupid things like that.
by Chelsea September 04, 2003
Top Definition
1. Copasetic
2. Cool
3. Fuckin-A
4. Exciting
5. Titillating
6. Orgasmic
My last manuscript went to this 20-something junior editor in pigtails and a parochial-school skirt. It "blew her skirt up" around her face, revealing revealing a silver thong that wasn't so parochial. . . .
by William Dean A. Garner September 09, 2003
a. Pleases me.
b. Turns me on.
a. "Yeah, I enjoyed 'The Matrix,' but a really good film like 'Run Lola Run' is more the kinda thing that really blows my skirt up."

b. "There is not one single damned so-called 'Hollywood Hunk' these days who blows my skirt up at all. Where in hell are the good-looking men?"
by Sport September 09, 2003
A refrence to marlyn monroe picture. The reaction is more accurately portrayed in Bruce almighty and Joe demaggio's response to monroe's fiasco.
Damn, That dude blows my skirt up. He really needs to chill!
by CrispFlows September 16, 2003
to be gaseous or fangorious
I'm blowin my skirt up I'm so fangorious right now.
by dreamcorn September 09, 2003
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