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An erection caused solely as a result of oral sex to the penis.
Ty seemed disinterested until Charlotte dropped to her knees and coaxed him into a blowner with her soft, wet mouth.
by Filet Mignate April 19, 2007
cocaine inhaled off an erect penis
When she started snorting that blowner, I just about came.
by mizzlfoshizzl July 23, 2010
The act of one giving a blowjob to his/her partner while he is still in the process of getting an erection.
A blowner is less pleasurable than a normal blowjob.
by 1N73N51733 August 27, 2012
the raging boner that occurs when someone becomes too high to function, aka blown.
Chuck: Dude, I am high as fuck right now.

Fred: Yeah dude, I can tell, you have a massive blowner.
by TheStaffofMoses September 09, 2010
the boner (or lack there of) that a man experiences while hopped up on cocaine.
Oh crap! I got an accidental blowner while doing drugs in the kitchen last night=(
by Blownerific November 12, 2010
A boner caused by seeing an attractive girl but it is immediately ruined by premature ejaculation. As in, you blew your boner, thus a blow-ner.
Man I saw this hot ass chick, see was so hot I had a blowner.
by MrSlip October 03, 2010
A blowner is an erection caused from doing blows. A blowner usually occurs a few minutes to a half an hour after doing the blow.
Person 1: Hey bro wanna go cop some blows from the city?

Person 2: Hell yea bro but its really annoying when you get a blowner.
by Jordan151 November 19, 2009