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1) An act of intense, aggressive, passionate, deep penetrating, hardcore, sexual intercourse where the female partner is overwhelmed to the point of orgasm, leaving her with a "pleasant soreness" in her lower regions. And also usually accompanied with massive cream pie spills.

2) A Massive usually uncontrollable cream pie bombing accompanied with deep penetrating thrusts and spills.
1) No man I couldn't settle for just banging her. Not the way that she had me going, so I went and spent all of last night making sure that I blew her guts out. She can't seem to thank me enough for that kind of sex.

2) That chick is way too much hotness man, I found my self blowing her guts out, when she told me not to. I couldn't help it man.
by mr. freakish tongue lasher December 18, 2010
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