when somebody is making you mad..they blowin you.
shorter word:blown
"this dude blowin me man he didnt even call me"
by MOE OFF DA BLOCK August 05, 2007
smokin, usually smokin weed
sippin a fo, blowin dro
by yandawg January 24, 2009
like chime in. To come from no where and bud in the coversation like you were the one in i saying something totaly stupid and unrelated to the coversation.
Arrive, especially unexpectedly.
We'll say u'r in a Train saying a joke to friend then a old lady turns and says to u, 'I heard that one in my day' and laughs, what a blow in.
Or someone uninvited rocks up to your party acting like they've being there from the start, look who just blowed in.
Your playing football with u'r mates and 3 guys, nobody knows, starts playing, what blow ins.
by Frank Fichera May 16, 2006
To use cocaine or marijuana.
We got a blunt and we were blowin' last night.

I'm about to be blowin' this line.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
To be aggetated by someone or something; irritated, annoyed. Origination Washington, DC.
1. Why you keep comin' at me like that - young, you blowin' me.

2. My car is blowin' me cause it won't start.
by Melody301 September 13, 2005
Leaving a place or a conversation
Imma blow out

Blowin out yall
by popejohn666 January 22, 2010
A blow-in occurs when someone is wiping their arse and accidently pokes their finger through the toilet paper and into their arse-hole.

There are three things one could do at a time like this.

(1) If you are straight and normal, you quickly remove your finger and wash it off, or

(2) if you are a demented pervert pull it out and lick it.

(3) Finally, if you are a faggot, you will continue to push it in and out.

see also, splash back
James contemplated suicide after having a blow-in.
by Capn. Jack July 18, 2005

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