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1) I was tonguing this chicks butthole and all of a sudden I crunch down on a dingleberry and I start blowin chunks. Wow, it was disgusting.

2) I was hungover as shit so I figured a little hair of the dog would get me going. I took a swig of Jack and comenced to blowin chunks immediately.

3) I stepped in a nasty glob of dogshit and when i went to scrape it off, I started blowin chunks.... the stench was horrible.
by Knucklehead Steve August 24, 2006
felatio on your dog after a long night drinking as in I was blowin chunks
Steve: Hey last night I drank way too much and went home and was blowin Chunks.

Dave: So.

Steve: No you don't understand, Chunks is my dog!!!!
by mr mugga October 03, 2011
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