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1.Used to describe a homesexual male (blow), who is very attractive and/or "hot" (torch).

2.Used to describe a woman who is sexually attractive and gives good fellatio.
1. Jane- Man, Pete is sooo dreamy...
Sally- Yeah, he's a definite blowtorch...

2. Rob-I slept over at Jane's house last night...
Steve-Dude! I can't believe you hooked up with that blowtorch!!
by bodyleech April 17, 2007
This is an AM radio station of 50,000 watts.
I work for a blow torch station. 50,000 watts baby, Anchorage to Anaheim.
by slightly askew May 09, 2009
when you give a guy oral sex while giving him a hand job at the same time
I gave a guy a blow torch
by katalina November 16, 2003
The act of lighting a girl's hair on fire with a lighter while she performs oral sex.
Sally! what happened to your hair!

I was giving jeff head and he blowtorched me.
by AndrewJF May 05, 2008
When a girl eats some jalapeno peppers then proceeds to give you a blow job
That bitch last night didn't tell me she had been eating jalopenos before she blew me, it was one hell of a blow torch
by Crucian January 11, 2009
Being given oral sex by a ginger
Person 1: i had a great blowjob yesturday
Person 2: was she a ginger?
Person 1: yes
Person 2: you got a blowtorch dude
by razorblade12 January 30, 2009
Receiving head from a red head i.e. a ginger.
Mack gave me head last night, i called that shit a BLOW TORCH.
by PIMPKINS January 23, 2012
The process of ejaculating when you have an orgasm. It is when you "blow"/spew forth your seamen from your "torch"/penis.
That lady is so beautiful. I can't even imagine what a blow torch with her would be like.
by Panchoman November 30, 2006