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When a male receives a blow job from a female or male while playing the video game halo 3. In order to be considered a blow scope when the person receiving the blow job busts they must scream out, "NO SCOPE HEAD SHOT, COUNT IT!!!!!"
While playing halo 3 le7hal received a blow scope from a girl.
by T ORR March 29, 2008
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n: is a blowjob given while the recipient is playing COD

may cause one of two side-effects:
1. person's kill/death ratio is increased do to heightened sense of euphoria

2. person receiving said blowscope goes negative
Will: "Yo, I had so much fun with my girlfriend last night!"

Chris: "But you were on COD... and you went positive for once."

Will: "Yeah I know, I was getting a blowscope and felt amazing."

Chris: "That explains it."
by theretardflyer037 February 24, 2010

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