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A very messy bun that a girl can get her hair in in about 3 seconds. Usually not very sturdy and sitting high on the head.

named for the usefulness of such a bun, but can be used to describe the look regardless of reason for it.

shortened to bj bun
- that girl's hair-do looks like it took her less than a second to put up!

- looks like a blow job bun to me!
by 30834207 May 26, 2011
A hairstyle made by quickly wrapping up ones hair high up on her head in a tousled bun shape, and fastening it swiftly using only a hair scrunchy or hair clip.
When a girl is about to give a blowjob, this hairstyle is the overwhelmingly popular option, as it is easy, quick, and keeps hair out of the face.

Particularly trashy girls tend to wear this hairstyle frequently, as the opportunity to give a blowjob may arise at any given moment.
When sarah and joe went into that room, her hair was down. When they came out, Sarah's hair was in a blowjob bun, a dead giveaway that the act fellatio had indeed occurred.
by blowjobbunstylist May 25, 2011
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