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A phrase used to define the act of oral sex when received by a man. This is used to replace the old name, blow job, which can be likened to work, or something unpleasant.
I was a a party last night and was lucky enough to receive blow fun from several or the girls. or, That blow fun was great mary, do you think we could do it again?
#blow job #blowjob #oral #sex #fuck #penis #dick #cock #head
by Mr. Ecuador October 22, 2007
Same as a blow job but named to trick women into thinking it is actually fun.
Jill who hated to work, would never give me a blow job, but as soon as i started calling it a blowfun, i couldn't get her off my dick
#blow job #hand job #suck #head #deepthroat
by Joe Lingner December 04, 2007
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