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a term in call of duty in which you find yourself in a gun battle against a second chance bitch. When you should've killed him, he falls into 2nd chance and kills you with his primary instead of a pistol. WTF? 402THUNDER402 invented the term to vent his frustration on the broken perk, second chance.
Player #1: (shoots to kill second chance wookie) Got ya bitch!

Player #2: (falls to second chance and kills player #1 with primary) trololololololol

Player #3: BLOP SHOT PRO WTF (instant rage quit)
by Kevin1334 July 22, 2011
To be killed by a noob going into second chance in call of duty black ops.
Fuck I just got blop shotted by the second chance using noob keith.
by Dakota Perry May 22, 2011
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