The alter-ego of a balloon, just said, as someone who has a slight hint of tourettes.

Pat: someone in my 3rd hour popped a bloon and i hid under my coat
Pat: balloon*
Pat: im glad i can spell and stuff ;-)
Justin: lol.
Justin: i'm glad too.
Justin: it's the ghetto way.
Pat: hehe
Justin: bloon
Justin: HAHA
Pat: say it out loud
Pat: wow
Justin: BLOOON!
I made the bloon, go POP! So, I scared the living hell out of myself, and Pat. So, he slapped me, and I just smiled.
by Justin W. March 11, 2005
Top Definition
It's this tower defense game and it is very addicting. You pop the bloons with your weapons of death.
Man I just made it to level 93. Fuckin' Bloons.
by Hank Mcdizzleson July 22, 2011
Term used to define arabian oil farmers that are sexually active.
Wow Ima pull a Bloon today, first- farm this petroleum oil then get laid weekly.
by GucciHector December 02, 2009
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