1. Practicing witch, of the Wiccan Coven, Sisters Of The Dark Mirrors.

2. XBOX-Scene goddess.

3. Mistress of the dark passions of life.
1. You shall bow and like the boots of BloodyMary.

2. Serve only her, the great BloodyMary.

3. In troubled times, she will come to you like an angel with the bite of a vampire.
by Bloody Mary May 24, 2004
The sex act of giving yourself an enema with blood (this could be anyone's) and projecting it onto your partner's face or chest
"Steve, after work treat me with a Bloody Mary."

"Nothing beats a Sunday morning Bloody Mary."
by Very Hot Karl February 12, 2013
The act of perforing oral sexon a female while she is on her period, causing her menstrul blood to enter your mouth in result.
He was really in the mood even after she warned him, so as he ate her out, he recieved a bloody mary
by rulerofyou November 23, 2011
1. Bloody Mary - (v.) - The process of eating someone out who is currently on their period at the time of eating out.
2. Bloody Mary - (adj.) - Describing the process of eating someone out who is on their period at the time of eating out.
V. John: I like doing a Bloody Mary.
Bill: Yuck!

Adj. John: I ate Jordan out last night.
Bill: Isn't she on her period?
John: Yeah, that was a Bloody Mary, one of the best I've had.
by Heterosmith992 July 11, 2016
A delicious beverage mixing vodka, hot sauce, vodka, spices, vodka, tomato juice, vodka, horseradish, vodka, and whatever else; best drank on a boat on Sundays, a wonderful and recommended substitute for going to church.
Today I was lucky enough to have one of Triscinny's world famous bloody marys. I liked it so much that I stuck my tallywhacker in it!
by ultimatewizardoftheworld March 15, 2015
"Bloody Mary" was originally Queen Mary the first of England she reigned for five years (1553-1558). Later she worked on turning england back to the roman catholic church. She was nicknamed bloody Mary be during her reign she burned and killed 300 people due to heresy!

There is also a superstition that if you are in the dark, look in the mirror, and chant bloody Mary a ghost or a witch will appear but there are no real evidence or facts proving this myth to be real!

Another thing related to this topic is a popular alcholic drink refered as a brunch cocktail made with Vodka as the base spirit though alcholic it is very nutritional!
What is Mom doing?

Oh just testing the fact if the bloody mary superstition is real!
- -

by Greenbaypackers January 10, 2015
When you have sex with a girl while she is menstrating, on her period, and you pull out, have blood on your penis and proceed to give her a bloody mustache. Closely related to a dirty sanchez.
"I was having sex with this hot babe and I totally pulled out and gave her a Bloody Mary!"
by Patrick450 September 16, 2011
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