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1. A cocktail made from vodka, tomato juice, salt, pepper, a celery stick and other spices.

2. When a male and female have sexual intercourse whilst the female is on her period
1. Woman: Oh my god, I'd kill for a Bloody Mary right now

2. Me and John had a bloody mary last night in bed. It was awful
by Diamond Girl March 25, 2006
The sex act of giving yourself an enema with blood (this could be anyone's) and projecting it onto your partner's face or chest
"Steve, after work treat me with a Bloody Mary."

"Nothing beats a Sunday morning Bloody Mary."
by Very Hot Karl February 12, 2013
The act of perforing oral sexon a female while she is on her period, causing her menstrul blood to enter your mouth in result.
He was really in the mood even after she warned him, so as he ate her out, he recieved a bloody mary
by rulerofyou November 23, 2011
When a girl is on her period, and she queefs/farts, and splats the blood around
Dude! Mary just freaking Bloody Maryed all over me!
by Hardcore larry July 21, 2014
When you have sex with a girl while she is menstrating, on her period, and you pull out, have blood on your penis and proceed to give her a bloody mustache. Closely related to a dirty sanchez.
"I was having sex with this hot babe and I totally pulled out and gave her a Bloody Mary!"
by Patrick450 September 16, 2011
A Bloody Mary is When you have sexual inter course with a female on her period.
"Dude, why u have blood on ur pants?" "Last night I Bloody Mary this hot slut."
by Reaper1102 February 12, 2014
Bloody Mary is a song by Lady Gaga that never got popular enough to hit radio. The song is from the point of view of Mary Magdalene (a female follower of Jesus) and can be compared to Gaga's other hit song, Judas.
Person 1: "Hey, have you heard that one song by Lady Gaga called Bloody Mary?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it reminded me of Judas."
by Dan Trews November 27, 2011