A light, refreshing beverage popular in Eastern Europe; traditionally served warm in a skull-shaped bowl.
"This lil nigga served me an' my Crip homeboys some blood last night, yo."
by charlie January 24, 2003
A persun who wanted ta bang, but couldnt make it n a crip gang so joined up wit slo6s as a last resort!
Man 6loodz kin suk my 6lue flaggin dik hoe. BK all damn day. bloods can burn.
by 6lob killah December 06, 2006
a weird white or black person who wears all red lookin like a package of kool-aid and their gang sign is a b in their hands.
Look at that slob over their.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
A wannabe gangster that was rejected from any type of crip gang, so they go to the bloods as a refugee.
Look at that blood BK homey.
by TheMan April 22, 2005
fuCca Slobk!!

Lets go pop 2 ina Slobkz face cuhz
by BK till i Decay July 02, 2004
Dumb niggas dat run dey mouths and get 187'ed by BK sets. Crip till da day I die nigga. 187 G-Block Rollin' Crips nigga!
Yo, dem BKloods gon' get capped. Fuck dem niggas.
Sorry life of a þløød/þe løCCed øut þitCh/þe løCCed øut ør die/pu$$ie$ in red uniførm$
wats CraCCin Cuzz,Capped som $løþ$ yesterday./Yø Cuzz $høøt dat pussy a$$ þløþ./Yo u $een dat þløød get Capped?/PiRu is DiCC in the pørtugue$ language
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