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Male anatomy commonly referred to as "Penis"
She reached down into my pants and furiously grasped my bloodhorn.
by Andre January 14, 2004
Home made Kotex, using toilet paper approx 6" - 8" long 4" at the top. Then forms into a curved cone. After being worn it has fused & resembles a horn from a Rhinoceros that has lost a bloody fight.
Me- Hey Danny, ever seen a pig loren dropping?... Check out the bathroom....

Danny- "DUDE !!!", What the FUCK is it?"

Me- maybe you should sign a release form.

Danny- Come dude I shit outside, what the hell?

Me- a blood horn. 'Sasquatch' just left it when stepping into the tub

Danny- "No WAY!!"

Me- Its a cheap camera but I have Pics, proof that she is Royalty, pig loren Royalty!
by Ziggy77 October 03, 2006
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