what raggas say to people they think they could have in a fight.
gimme that chicken ya bloodclot vegetable patty eating battyman.
by brutus February 15, 2004
The place in Frank W Cox High School where every weird kid in the school stands;smells bad;emo/goth hangout;huge Hot Topic Advertisement.
Oh my God! Did you see that guy with the 8 foot tall stick in the Blood Clot today!
by Chrispy1991 July 10, 2008
stems from blood cloth. blood cloth meaning a tampon. when calling someone a blood clat you are indeed calling them a tampon. so watch those foul mouths.
oi blud clut why on earth are you being so darned annoying! i hope we can put this behind us and instead be friends.
by gallipoli December 12, 2004
bloodclot a jamaican swear word which can also mean the same thing as holy shit in some situations
e.g a car explodes holy shit (bloodclot) it has more than one meening
by demzs December 09, 2009
it think it means "what the fuck" i dont know where from...
(Otherwise asorta word for "pain in the ass")
in Meth's song "All I hear is gunshots,Can i touch something, What the blood clot" I doubt it will mean tampon lol, "Can i touch something, What the tampon"? yeh dont sound right to me, More like, "can i touch something,What the fuck"
by Jaz' August 27, 2005
The coolest hallway in Frank W. Cox High School. Used to be located in the main hallway but was forced to be relocated next to the library. All the awesomest people hang out there and are totally not emo. Although some may be kind of Goth. :)
We really are friendly and not smelly emo kids. You should come by there once in a while ^w^

"All the weird stuff happens at the Blood Clot, but it's the good kind of weird."

by ギャビーとデヴォン April 15, 2010
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