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to defecate and vomit simultaneously with large amounts of blood invloved. either located in the vomit or stool, or both.
yo sean how was the flight?
oh man i just fuckin blood choged so hard and that airplane!

last night some bitch blood chogged all over my bathroom.
i don't feel good, i want to blood chog.
#chog #poop #puke #bloody #vomit
by keogh4pres April 05, 2011
simultaneously defecating and vomiting with sufficient amount of blood involved, either in the vomit, stool, or both.
Hey Sean how was the flight?
Dude I just fucking blood chogged all over that plane... It was terrible.

That girl blood chogged so hard last night!

Dan is being a dick dude, he's a blood chog
#puke #poop #vomit #blood #chog
by keogh4pres April 07, 2011
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