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"Blonde ambition" is when brunettes think that blonde hair will make them more attractive, therefore they spend money on highlights and other salon products to become blonde.They are not satisfied with the hair color they were born with and have low self esteem about their generic hair color.
Brunette-"Hey I would like blonde highlights"(God I can't wait to be blonde, maybe now (Name of random guy) will look at me!ie. blonde ambition.
Salon Owner-"That will be $40.
by KaTy360 February 25, 2006
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This one is easy... Blonde ambition means if ure a gal, u will grow up 2 b a lap-dancer, strippa.....etc...
Gal 1: Hey u no ellie! She iks workin as a strippa in a niteclub!!
Gal 2: She was such a blonde ambition from da start!...
by Ellana iz propa buff blud January 11, 2006
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the on going pursuit of four natually blonde/dirty blonde women of rennaicance and distinction to achieve
happiness and pride with use of their existentialism.

it is also used when wanting to make bitchy and lame brunettes jealous.

you dont want to get in a skrapper with girl with blonde ambition
''hey boo, how are ya?...oh...she said what?...well she's gunna be sorry cuz we gots da blonde ambition''
by ll cool November 13, 2004
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