Referring to anyone with pale yellow to light-brown hair, lighter eyes, and usually lighter skin complexion. Feminine is "Blonde".
Jesse is very fair complected, he is a blond.
by JMC3 May 15, 2006
"Masculine" form of blonde. Usually spelled blonde none the same, as there is so little difference between the 2.
1.) The qualities that make blond women so desirable to men, just don't translate well at all to men.

2.) Women like tall, dark and handsome men, because they don't want them to be deficient like most blond men are.

3.) Being in jail or working at a place like Labor Ready or Command Center which mostly only has ex-felons and small college kids you will find most blonds are fearful of niggers, even though most niggers are cowardly easily handled punks. It is despicable.

No one who has ever been in jail or prison has anything found to say about niggers is a whole, except stupid blonde punks who have probably never been to either or were just caught stealing bubble gum, or formed a very close "relationship" with a couple on the inside.

Most blond males who do not team up with Aryan Brotherhood have a train of niggers run through them.

Blondes get intimidated by most males (naturally dominant) which makes them submissive, or if you let your guard down and act easy going will them very hostile and aggressive.

Blond males are an embarrassment to the whole white race.

b.)Quit acting so blond (frightened), punk it's freaking me out. Be a fucking man. As hard as it may seem, and as ridiculous as it may look with that blond(e) hair.

See punk and inferior
by Amy Parker Jones August 23, 2008
A way to misspell "Blonde"
by Nitro October 20, 2003

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