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Female version of "bloke."
'Ello there, li'l blokette!

Dude, there was this one blokette...
by IwishIknew... February 07, 2010

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A femaliased.. (its also a word.) version of a bloke.
"Different strokettes for different.. blokettes... uh, yeah.. PINT O BITTAH AND A STEAK PLEASE!"
Feeble Canadian attempt at Britishness as a result of decades of Anglo-hard on.

A blokette wears the fishnets and nicely jeans in this relationship. She doesn't think that it's fair for men to have their own title, but she also wants to look better than them at all times.
This blokette is sick of talking to homeless men with one tooth in the coffee shoppe.
by Melissa Mewdell April 24, 2005