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An male Australian with nothing better to do than sit and drink beer
"That bloke doesnt know what in the hell he's doin Bob!"
by Reuben December 23, 2003
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A euphemism for English-speaking person. Used by French-Canadians to describe their English-speaking counterparts, especially those living in the Canadian province of Quebec.

It is considered derogatory, despite the fact that the term is a direct adaptation of the neutral English term "bloke;" i.e.: just an average guy.

It is perhaps the counterpart term to "Pepsi" (or "pepper"), which Anglophones occasionally describe French-Canadians, especially in Quebec, is a "Pepsi," (because of their perceived ignorance about sound nutrition, and their alleged penny-wise preference for the upstart Pepsi over Coca-Cola, back when Pepsi cost the same but was sold in a larger bottle).
by countingmx July 21, 2008
16 40
Aussie term for a male Australian.
You do not use it in the same context as “Guy” or “Guys” In other words you do not call a group of men and women “Hey you blokes”. The term Bloke is exclusively for the fair dinkum Aussie man.
“I was over at Dave’s place on the weekend for a barby, Dave’s a top bloke”
by Robby101 November 02, 2006
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When used by American servicemen in the UK the word 'bloke' means Englishman, as in a local. Because of the similarity between English and American-English languages it is common place for the US serviceman to fraternize with the indigent, local population, especially in pubs. The word 'bloke' allows US servicemen to identify someone as a local indigent.
He has never heard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, he's a bloke!
by WisconsinLimey January 26, 2010
11 37
american: a stupid person
english/aussie: a guy, a man
american 1: hey did youj see that kid? he just tripped in wet concrete!
american 2: what a bloke!

english person/aussie 1: my skateboard broke eight miles from my house but luckily this man picked me up and brought my here in his pick-up.
english person/aussie 2: sounds like a pretty nice bloke.
by bumblebea April 10, 2008
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bloke is a word us aussies use to describe the typical aussie male. he loves footy, beer, bbq's, his family, australia etc... steve irwin is a typical aussie bloke.
"you blokes are legends"
by brooke_aussie March 24, 2007
43 71
Most commonly a glass test tube with a hole an inch above the bottom, used for evaporating methamphedamine into the lungs for delivery to the brain(or whats left of it).
"Without the bloke, there is no getting high."
by JohnnyPure March 25, 2007
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