A type of white trash usually from the 80's hair band era.Associated with camero,pall mall's,trailer parks,and journey.

Usually a loud redneck at walmart,usually on meth/coke.Loves talking trash about other poeples cars,yet doesnt have one. Steals hotrod mags from stores.Gets drunk while watching nascar.

Based off the movement of ones head when bon Jovi comes on.
Mike Elmore's family isblockrockin'

That blockrockin' asshole just cut me off.

Sweet mullet,you blockrockin' trailer rockin prick
by Eric Berg November 25, 2007
Top Definition
White trash,rowdy fighting,flea market shopping,habitual offenders.

Blockrockin refers to the motion of the head when bon jovi comes on.

Usually a whitetrash family at walmart dressed in the family best driving home while D.U.I

A meth addict stealing hotrod mags from a store.

Talks trash about mustangs,when ones camero is broken down with a dream catcher on the mirror

Associated with camero's,pall mall's,trailer parks,t-tops,meth,wife beating,and general burnouts at wal-mart.
Thatblockrockin' retard cut me off in his 'maro.

by Eric Berg November 25, 2007
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