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adj. for biracial person with one black parent and one white parent.
Isn't Lenny Kravitz blite? What about Mariah Carey, she looks blite.
by HitlerWasAFag December 16, 2004
32 14
Black person trying to be white.
Oprah is very blite, and loves to get money from white PTA mothers.
by tim December 09, 2004
17 26
oposite of a wigger, a black person who tries to be white. In other words a black person who doesn't rap or play basketball but is educated and makes a lot of money by having a real job.
Person A- How is that blite the CEO of this company?
Person B- He's not a blite, all our company sells is crack and basketballs.
by McSuckit September 02, 2005
21 37