An Indian who acts like he's black.
Look at that blindian, all tryin to act black and shit.
by Spaz November 08, 2003
Top Definition
A hella fine ass breezie that is half black and half indian.
I like blindians that go to NYU but hail from Kansas.
by T Money December 11, 2004
Someone who is a mixture of Indian (from the country not Native American) and Black. There aren't many in the world lol but they're sexy as hell! I shud know i'm Blindian lol and I JUST COINED THIS TERM
Menaje is a Blindian because her mother is from Mumbai,India and her father is African American
by Menaje Moral December 06, 2007
A person of Black and American Indian herritage.
This is a well known definition in the United States and Canada.
I am a person of Black and American Indian herritage, which makes me "Blindian".


I am a person of American Indian and Black herritage, which makes me "Blindian".
by Anonymous_411 July 26, 2006
A person that has the majority of Black and Indian decent.
Deshawn: What you lookin at nigga?

Michael: I aint no nigga boy. I'm Blindian.
by Fartknocinfool August 03, 2008
a black indian
That girl is blindian.
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
A REALLY REALLY dark Indian. Almost black.

(the meshing of black + Indian)
Damn, you're a Blindian!
by Jeanna C. April 06, 2004
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