a black wigger
eh man, when that dude Nick Cannon become a Bligger
by Derrty Management April 27, 2010
Top Definition
Slang for blue people, such as Smurfs or Na’vi from the movie Avatar.
Dude, that movie Avatar is full of bliggers.
by 49ersfan89 November 19, 2009
A low class, uneducated, black person whose normal behaviour involves rape, theft, violence, and drug dealing. Bliggers will usually wear trousers that are too big, baseball caps and speak in an unintelligent manner. The word is a portmanteau of BLack nIGGER.
Since it is unjustified to label people by the colour of their skin, the use of the word nigger to describe a less evolved, criminally minded, smelly, black africans has become unacceptable. This is due to the small but significant number of sub saharan africans who are respectable, law abiding citizens who contribute towards society.

However there is a need for a word that describes unruly, uneducated, criminally minded less evolved humans. For white people who behave in such a manner, we have the word WIGGER. (White nIGGER). For black people who behave in such a manner we will therefore use the term BLIGGER. Bliggers usually refer to fellow bliggers as niggas or my nigga. They also love listening to rap music and they lust after fat, low class, trailer trash white whores who they refer to as "phat bitches" or "hoes". Bliggers are generally rude, racist, lazy and stupid. Bliggers can be very dangerous and are best avoided. Most professional black people also hate bliggers.
I am sick to death of watching bliggers, looting, raping, killing, begging, and generally being workshy porch monkeys. I say send them all back to Africa and let Robert Mugabe be the Chief Bligger.
by BanusAnimal October 28, 2012
A black wigger.

A black kid from a middle class (usually suburban) background who, due to his own immaturity and/or stupidity believes that as a black male he should mimick and conform to a ghetto derived cultural ideal of "blackness"

This kid is typically between the ages of 12-19. He desperately wants to be "down" and have other people (mostly other similarly brainwashed black teenagers) see him as a boy from tha hood or thug. The thing he fears most is being seen as "acting white".

Typically wears his pants below his ass, speaks like an illiterate moron and performs less well in the school than he is capable of. Wishes he could get tattoos but his parents wont let him.
Dumb bligger: "Im so frustrated! If only my dad had abandoned us. And my mom fail to hold a steady job, we'd on welfare, in the projects.............keepin it real.
Gosh I hate my parents"
by Jay900 November 15, 2014
A racial slur for the Na'vi. The blue people who live on pandora in James Cameron's avatar.
Those bliggers shot me!

Damn bligger-faggots

Get those bliggers out of here!
by Jarlin bop December 26, 2009
The slang used to identify participants in a blue face experiment about racial diversity and how it had affect society mostly in the segregation era
Did you see all of them Bliggers out there?
by Ap-App March 22, 2015
A black person who wants to act as a nigger (a wannabe nigger) - analogous to wigger
Examples: ALL rappers who wear bling, gold teeth and (at least they say so) score hoes trying too hard to be classified as niggers by other bliggers
by CYFAWZ October 01, 2011
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