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To give complete and absolute agreement to a statement or question. It may also serve as an affirmative answer to a question.
LSU was the only 2003 National Champion in college football. You best blee dat.

Hey, Clean, are you going to take down some racist knuckleheads?

Mr. Clean: "Blee dat."
by OnePeat June 22, 2008
1. Term used by listeners of hip-hop and rap,meaning "believe that". Often spoken under the influence of marijauna or a 40. Usually followed by the word 'shit'.
You got weed and no papers? No pipe?
Get me uh uh a potato, some tin foil, and a scuba mask. No no. Wait gimme a Coke can, a thimble and a pocketknife.
Damn,go to the sto and get some White Owls, fool. No papers. You bleedat shit?
by FrankC March 10, 2004
1.) Belch Greeting, common greeting between friends
2.) Common greeting for "hello how are you?"
Friend1: "Bleedat!"
Friend2: "Good, Good how are you?"
by Ludeman January 23, 2004
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