All those of non-caucasian, non-Japanese descent who own a Honda Civic with japanese characters on the back, or who are not Oda Nobunaga or any other samurai (including Ghost Dog.)
Those characters and that gaudy samurai helmet make you look wapanese. Mufucka. And you ain't the author of the Hagakure.
by Claude Money June 19, 2003
Top Definition
A black person who thinks they are Japanese. Not many exist.
Blapanese idiot.
by B-Drac October 28, 2003
A black man that has lots of interest in Japanese culture. prefrabally anime and the food.
David: Demaree goes to anime club everyday! he must blapanese.
Marc: and i thought he was a OREO (black man acting white)
by drift May 09, 2005
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