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The noise of a gun made by someone in recognition of aggressiveness you raise your hand and point it like a gun into the air shouting "BLAP BLAP" while in a club when a track that you like comes on.
To the sound of any track you feel throw ya hand up point it like a gun and shout "BLAP BLAP"
by Mike Magic February 15, 2005
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The word or phrase blap-blap, meaning or symbolizing the firing or discharging of a firearm, come to us from the New Age Ebonics Speak. The motion that follow or coincides with this phrase is that of holding a firearm in it's horizontal position, with the sights and magazine pointing West-East. The phrase is being rapidly picked up by young, Caucasian males who believe they are, in fact, part of the society and group of which this phrase comes from. Word found floating around this word happen to be rather harsh or negative is style, and consist of slang and curse words.
"Eh yo my brotha, you best be steppin' up outta here beefo I have to curb stomp yo ass, I said blap-blap, brotha"
by Smally_Bigs_15 May 07, 2012
VERB; the act of a man swinging his nutsack back forth without using his hands, thus when the sack swing back hitting the taint it will result in the sound similiar to BLAP-BLAP
by substance_gabriel November 22, 2010

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