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the opposite of bling bling,to,describe something uncool,badly dressed,poor performance,bad quality etc...
Damn that new album i bought is blang blang,cheap gold for srotters
by Bladedaddy September 23, 2005
If something is blang blang, it's not really ballin at all, it's silly, cheesy, or trying too hard. Often used in reference to ghetto people trying to be ballers. Cheap rims, fake jewelry, off-brand gangster clothes are all blang blang. Also can be used sarcastically to refer to one's own lack of blingness.

Usually it's said by itself, not in a sentence. Upon seeing or hearing something, one will say blang blang.
Keisha: Gurrrl!!! I'm a balla wit mah new mexi-tint for mah car and mah new JC Penney street clothes!!
Friend: BLANG BLANG!!!
by Mala Kaigoldberg December 18, 2008
Whereas bling and blingbling refer to the imaginary sound that is produced by the internal refraction of light in cut diamond, blang and blangblang refers to sound of light refracting inside QVC's Diamondite. blangblang is mainly used as an ironic substitute for blingbling- a phrase now favored by the mtv generation.
Oh my godlessness! That Sinitta remix is so blangblang.
by Nixon Popdizzy November 03, 2003
The Country way to say Bling bling.
yall got that blang blang goin on.
by boa March 04, 2005
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