An evil that is worse than any Klansman because it comes from within. A blakkk is to the community what cancer is to the body, both are parasites that weaken their host leaving it more vulnerable to outside attacks. Both drain away the energy and life force of their host eventually killing it. The community should no more shield blakkks than a man with curable cancer should refuse to have it removed. The defense that I am black and one of you didn't work with Toms and shouldn't work with Blakkks. If the community doesn't deal with this threat more and more black lives will be destroyed.
Satan doesn't have to hang in the hood, he has plenty of blakkks doing his work for him.
by knowman March 30, 2008
Top Definition
AN African American whose actions are more damaging to a black community than the KKK.
We dot rid of KKK night riders, and got blakkk drivebys instead.
by benth March 29, 2008
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