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The greatest duck hunter of all time everyone calls him voltron, but all his bitches call him Blake he owns lots of chickens and doesn't acknowledge the existence of females. Some say that voltron can communicate with his chickens telepathically and understand ducks. He studied on the Himalayan mountains for 3 years perfecting his goose noise. He can replicate any goose noise to a flying sound then a whole field of geese. As some say he is good at beating guys up at the local walmart . He is awesome and a member of the golden gods, along with his friends. Many that are around him say that he kickass at anything imaginable except for making friends with geese, due to the fact him and his accomplice hit one with a car and are possibly facing charges Few guys say "no homo but he is very hot"
(Blake eilers Goes to Walmart, then beats up a guy kickassedly)
by troy fletch January 21, 2014
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