A phrase used in many situations, usually to make fun of someone who is talking incessantly about something you don't really care about. Can also be used to mock someone for whining or asking a dumb question if said in a high voice.
Jill: Jack, come with me to fetch the pail of water. I might fall!
Jack: Blah blah??
by limabean September 10, 2005
Top Definition
1.) A stand-in all-purpose term for BORING DETAILS in a story.

2.) A (mumbled) substitution for some bit of information as a DODGE or a FAKE-OUT or as if the proper answer were too burdensome to speak. Used to avoid answering; or, as in "WHATYAMACALLIT" or "WHOSIT".

3.) An all-purpose REPLACEMENT for any WORD or NAME or such that is tacitly understood by those communicating. It is used to avoid actually having to say the "thing" that might not be cool for others to hear or know about i.e., in telephone conversations of a sensitive nature, in uncomfortably crowded places like elevator or subway.

4.) Similar to Hawaiian slang: "DA KINE" meaning practically anything for (lazy) convenience and loaded implicitly by context.
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1.) "Well, ... first we registered and paid admission ... BLAH BLAH ... And then the band came out just as we hit our seats. Shiz! It was the awesome almighty."

2.) HOMEY: DJ D'lish, who dat ho in d'caw wif you lass night?
DJ D'LISH: Aohh, that was just *(sometimes mumbled)* BLAH BLAH's sister, Homey. Ain't nuffin' to it, son.

3.) "So remember the plan, dog. Wait for BLAH BLAH to do his thing. 'Ite?"

4.) "Bra' man, ya got a lead on some BLAH BLAH? Yo, Cuz, I am bone-dry!
by Bongo Cholomongo September 20, 2006
Information, text, or a document that the writer is too lazy to describe in detail or is too long to summarize quickly.
"Please read the attached draft blah-blah about Sales & Marketing."

"Check out their web site and the blah-blah about the trade show."
by The Frow January 20, 2012
To get dome, oral sex, head, flying to boston, etc.
Aye I'm trying to get on that blah blah tip tonight son
by AVBomber April 24, 2011
a person who just sits around and talks about basicly nothing, while watching TV ... you oddly find yourself at her house quite often wondering why you go over there.
bridget, yeah, she's deff a blah blah
by zoey April 10, 2004
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