That guy (your ex/treats you like crap) who you can't resist a booty-call from. (From Community S03E15)
Sorry guys, have to break our plans. Blade texted me....
by Bladelover November 23, 2012
Adjective within the world of professional wrestling (to blade, bladed, blading) to refer to a trick performed by wrestlers. To make a cut on the forehead (preferably not so that the wrestling audience can see it be done) to draw blood, giving the audience the impression that the bloodletting was caused by another source (shot from a chair or another foreign object). Coincidentally, a small razor blade (either conceiled on the wrestler's or referee's person) is what is used to blade. Act of blading is also referred to as a blade job.
Hunter hit Shawn with a sledgehammer. He bladed outside on the floor, and came up a bleeding like a stuck pig, King!
by BrianS November 11, 2007
One of the illest underground MC's born in New York, currently residing in Pennsylvania. Came up with the phrase "unfuckwitable" long before it was ever utilized in the west.
Dam, you hear that Blade spit? Dude's a beast!
by J.Pazes idol November 18, 2010
A secret way to say gram in school or in public
"Hey man do you have any of those hockey blades? Ya i just got two purple ones.
by s the man March 26, 2009
A video game paddle. Typically one belonging to a SNES or an NES.
Yo John, pass the blade.
Aww man, you got the good blade.
by Adam Duguay February 18, 2008
A cunning young individual currently sheathed in New York City. Known for expert stealth-ops. and preternatural sharpness, this individual is fast enough to mimic many double-edged daggers, and is routinely fatal in tactical service situations.
I'm not worried about making the cut, because my blade status is sharpened to a glint.
by Flex Luther March 21, 2009
A Dyke aka a Lesbian. The word Originates from Manly Dykes being called a Butch. And a Butcher uses a Blade. So Dyke's and Lesbians are Blades!
:Yo u see that Gay Bitch?
:Yea, that Dye ass Blade
by Tmb04 March 12, 2009
A person who cuts themselves. Self-explanatory.
Did you see the scars on that chick's wrist?! She's a total blade.
by "Ashy Larry" November 22, 2007
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