An excessively lengthy event, such as a multi-hour class, meeting, show, line or worship service, that drags on without breaks and keeps its captive attendees from heeding nature's call, resulting in great discomfort, inability to pay attention, and, in the most severe cases, ruined clothes and seats.
That three-hour meeting was quite the bladder buster.
by FairVanity January 21, 2010
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(n) Any of the ubiquitous, huge, outrageously obnoxious soft drink containers sold in convenience stores. They get larger each year and before long, some nut will weld a crash-bar to a 55 gallon drum, walk into a Kum-n-Go and expect a 59 cent refill. The bladder buster has gotten so large that no vehicle's cup holder can hold them. When you urinate after drinking one, the fire department's hazmat team is summoned and the EPA files an incident report.
Damn, Frank filled his bladder buster at the truck stop and then we had to stop every 20 minutes of the trip so he could squirt the dirt.
by Frank Klaune February 02, 2005
This is a party usually on spring break, where free beer flows till someone goes piss. Then that person sucks and everyone dumps there beer on the loser. Senior Frogs started it all!!!!!
Eddie took a piss at the bladder buster so i had to start paying for beer what an ass hole.
by Amy D January 21, 2007
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