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The inability for a caucasian to digest foods that are commonly eaten in urban, african american areas.

Such as when a white person eats chitterlings and hot sauce or collard greens for the first time. The symptoms are bloatedness and diahrea. This usually subsides after a steady digestion of black foods over a period of time.
Biff was invited over to his friend Kareem's house for Thanksgiving where he ate a consistant diet of chitlings, neck bones, collard greens, and sweet potatoe pie.

Because he was not used to eating urban foods other than McDonald's and Burger King, his stomach became Blactose Intolerant and he stayed on the can for 72 hours straight.
by DzNutz2002 November 30, 2008
1. an African-American's inability to enjoy dairy products
2. an aversion to "white" people
...of all my eight chillens, dey's all took to the tittie but Maurice cuz he be blactose intolerant...
by bgjobro August 13, 2003
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