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A person who has black and mexican heritage or parents.
Hey tha dude is blackxican!
by Da-lux October 25, 2003

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A person of both black and mexican heritage. Either of parents of either race. This term is interchangeable. Some people of black and mexican heritage will take offense to this term. Depending on who you talk to.

Some prefer "Mexigro" (meaning both mexican and both negro), and others just refer to themselves as just plain biracial.

Some children born of both black and mexican heritage are thought to have "good hair". A term that many blacks use for easy, manageable, "white" hair. This however is a only semi-true.
Oh, so you a blaxican! Yo mexican daddy gave you that good hair then.
by Krystal March 29, 2005
A person whose daddy is black and their mama is mexican or vice versa. either way around the girls have nice hair and the niggas are fine as hell
hey dirty, you see that blackxican over therre? he sexy.
by dallas chick 2004 March 09, 2004