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a white person who is black underneath and a non rascist version of action man. to become blacktion man he rips off his shirt and rubs his penis
a black hulk with rap music
by harry, leo and oggy April 20, 2004
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Blacktionman is Half man, half sexual beast. He is native to Japan, England, Jupiter and Lapland. He has every super power in the universe. this includes the ability to summon his mother on the end of his penis.
That guy that had your mum last night is probably blacktionman.
by Noel is mint December 10, 2007
6 1
Blacktionman is noel.
created; at the dawn of time
age; 17
powers; telekinesis, telepathis and the abilty to take bras off with his mind
Blacktionman to the rescue?
by olivia.org December 10, 2007
5 1