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A verb used to describe when a person of African descent tackles someone. A combination of Black and Tackle.
I tried to run, but muthafucka straight blackled my white ass
by TheGRock September 14, 2009
A site exactly like Google..except its BLACK! White pages wastes lots of watt so instead of white, the pages are black!

type in a word on blackle..it comes up with exactly the same things as it will on normal google. Blackle is ran by the same company - GOOGLE.
by tramy August 21, 2007
An African American that is only cool because of his skin colour.
Fat Albert is a blackle because a funny fat cracker isn't cool.
by Her leftovers August 06, 2011
Freckles on a black person.
Hey Kevin, did you ever notice Obama's blackles?

Who's the lady with blackles on the channel 4 news?
Oh, you're talking about Carmen Harlan
by Ginger1.0 January 05, 2010