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it's that specific dazed gleam in one's eyes A rare asymptomatic behavioral condition caused by the combination of contributing factors that only (usually)take place one day a year, The biggest shopping day of the year- the Friday after Thanksgiving-.this holiday combination of eating too much turkey & stuffing and rum & eggnog the night before, then going shopping at 4am surrounded by the mass of other peoples frantically trying to get a bargain price/right gift for whomever will become visually apparent by midday Friday the individual will look like a zombie, void of any thought and just shuffling along slowly as if in a trance still trying to make random purchases dazed like thye've bin stunned with a tazer weapon
"hey bro, your mom just took out 20 feet of fence coming up the driveway, she looked blackfridayzed damn! good thing there's only one day a year that this could happen!" "yeah, she looked like that this morning when she left to go shop AT 3AM!"
by grzly November 29, 2009
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