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A white girl or any color girl that is not black but is pregnant with a black baby.

Can be used many ways.

I am black bred. Meaning the girl is pregnant by a black guy.

I have been black bred. Meaning the girl has been pregnant with a black bady and most likey will be again.

OMG i am going to be black bred meaning the girl is going to get pregnant by a black guy most likey if a girl uses it in this way she is going to be in a interracial gangbang, but can mean she is going to get pregnant by her black boyfriend.
OMG i have been black bred 3 times and i don't know who any of the baby daddies are.
by tiff6969 March 24, 2010
White female who prefers sex with bbc and has a black baby.

Also a Married white slut who lets a black bull impregnate her.
That hotwife was blackbred
by kinkmaster May 13, 2007