A Black Sheep is somone who doesn't follow mainstream days, Somone who doesn't care what is in or out. Usually somone causing some Mischief, or terror and laughing about it. Somone that stands out in the crowd.

A Black Sheep can also be a backstabber.
Alex "Dude Mary Roach is such a Black Sheep... He told my girlfriend I was cheating on her"

Justin "Damn him!!!!"
by Mary Roach February 07, 2005
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term used to describe someone who feels left out in a family. Basically, the outcast of the family because they choose to do other things than live up to their parents' standards.
my sisters are so successful. one is a doctor, the other is an engineer but I'm the black sheep. my parents hate me sometimes because I get pretty bad grades. :(
by uhuhuhuhhuhuh February 15, 2008
Someone who is treated different than the rest.
He was the black sheep in the family.
by Knack4Technique November 17, 2009
an outcast, someone who doesnt belong
diego is a DJ, his name is blacksheep
by Shamim April 11, 2006
a rebel agenst every thing that scisioty agrees on. a different type of anarchist in a way.
all my friends are blacksheep
by Happy Box November 18, 2004
Members of the toughest, flyingist, darn Marine Corps squadron in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Originally wanting to be called "Boyington's Bastards," but "Black Sheep" was a bit more printable.
The Black Sheep Squadron TV show is not a very accurate portrayal of the real day-to-day life of the sqadron.
by Athene Airheart March 20, 2004
When you puke all over your fuckmate as you shoot your wad in their cockpocket
Last week I got so drunk that I black sheeped a fatty
by ocknod March 23, 2011

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