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An exclamation one screams when one feels the desire to release one's rage onto a black person. When screaming, one must give a peace sign and look very constipated.
"BLACK RAGE!", Mike screamed as he tackled Grant
by mike xie August 17, 2006
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When a black person gets irrationally pissed over something soo small and pointless.
Black guy is in line behind a white guy at the coffee shop. The black man asks for what he was having. When the black man gets his drink, he relaizes the white man got more foam on his. so the black man goes all BLACK RAGE on the cashier. "THIS IS SOME RACIST SHIT!! WHY'D THE CRACKER GET MORE FOAM THAN I DID?!?!?!"
by Gary P Nym June 02, 2009
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Level of anger far beyond pissed off, Adrenaline flowing at 110% black rage becomes an impossible ending tantrum
Black Rage>> when you actually beat the fuck out of somebody and dont stop

rage anger
by G.P.-R. October 29, 2010
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