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the act of random and total dissapearance
i was looking for that guy, but he pulled a total blackwave....
by Unnamed February 03, 2005
An unbroken wave in deep water that occurs before and after a storm at sea.
the oncoming black wave informed the sailors know to batten down the hatches, fair warning of the approaching storm.
by S. Wilberforce August 12, 2004
All of the above, and, the blue-haired twin of Peter Jackson.
Dude! I just saw LotR! Wait, did BW direct it? No, it must be his twin.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
n. a helpful high mucky-muck hacker, WiFi guru, and mentor of newbies world-wide.

n. one who gets really pissed-off when newbies don't RTFM.
Blackwave really tore up that newbie, becaues the answer was staring the newbie right in the face!
by bubbatopolis May 22, 2003
A notably "large" or rotund individual of incredible skills (NOTE: Probably mythical).
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
n. One whom eats newbies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

n. Kick ass blue-haired dude willing to help anyone with self-sustaining brain power.

n. One whom doesn't give a fuck of what anyone thinks.

v. to slice and dice a newbie, kiddie, or otherwise braindead net-creature.

whoah, that kid just got blackwaved!

I love you blackwave! You are my hero!
by somefed May 23, 2003

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