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An old word for the black capsules that medicinal speed came in. Back when speed came in these little black capsules, they were sometimes called Black Beauties. In the South, they were also known as Black Mollies. The capsules resembled the small fish known as the Black Molly. Ask someone from the South what black beauties are and they'll say "oh, black mollies."
Back in the old days, you could get black mollies. Purer than meth.
by Anonime May 27, 2007
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The act of buffalo jill-ing your woman, diarrheaing in her mouth and then recieving oral gratification immediately following, in order keep her from talking to much.
My woman wouldn't be quiet so I black molly(ied) her so she would shut up.
by Mittenn November 20, 2007
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